This Blog

This blog is mostly written by me. When it was started I had visions of a beautiful synergy of imagination created by both my husband and I. After all, when I met him he was in the throes of poetry, music and much-too-intelligent reading. It seemed to make sense.

But now after six years, it's just me... and I don't believe he's written one entry. Hah! Therefore, this blog is written by me. Not mostly... all me.

This blog has been and always will be a small extension of ourselves... our family of three... that we extend to our families and friends who live afar. Not to sound dramatic... but really! We have friends all over the World and family all over the US. And I want nothing more than to share life with these people we adore, love and cherish.

In spite of the foundational reason for this blog, it has become something that is a reflection of my heart. I find myself sharing who I am, who I am becoming and my vision for our family and the World included. If life were black and white, I would not have so much to discuss and explore within myself.

Bottom line, this blog is an effort to bring people together. To create, sustain and foster relationships. Do we not read or write blogs so that we feel connected? The idea of human interaction is at it's largest point in history now... let's use this idea to become better people and to create a better World. Let's share life.