Monday, November 16, 2009

Four Months

Our little man is four months old today! I am just amazed how much he has learned and developed over the course of this past month!
  • Lucas is rolling all over the place now. He manages to make his way around a room pretty effectively by rolling. Terrible, but I found him underneath the dresser the other day.
  • Our little guy is talking quite a bit, although this isn't really anything new. What is new, is that he is talking with us. We goo-gah back and forth quite a bit.
  • Lucas will grab hold to almost anything if he thinks it will go into his mouth. His favorites are: Pacifier, t-shirts, blankies, plastic ring things, stuffed animal ears, and his fingers.
  • I believe he is teething, although we have no physical evidence of such a thing... only sadness and uncontrollable crying here and there.
  • Lucas prefers to not be restrained. At the moment he is attempting to bust out of his bouncy seat...
oh wait... there it is... angry screaming/crying...I'll be right back... Okay... I'm back. Where was I? Oh right. Here are a few cute pics of our little man (and one of my man!). Above: Gotta love that binkster! Above: Gotta love that finger! Above: "Aren't I cute! Gotta love me!"

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