Monday, February 22, 2010

Lucas is seven months old...

... and a week. Here are a few stats:
  • He's sitting up all on his own
  • He's eating all things pureed, although does not like peas.  His favorite is sweet potatoes and apples.
  • Scooting is happening and I fully expect a crawl any day now.
  • Lucas has two teeth on the bottom.  They both came in at the same time!... boy was he grumpy.
  • Our little guy weighed about 19 pounds two weeks ago.
  • He's wearing 9 month clothing (which, to be honest is still a tad loose), because 6 month is too little.
  • He's a total Mamma's boy... whining, reaching, leaning... all efforts to be held and played yours truly.  I should be flattered, but find it more annoying than anything.
  • He waved back to Julie today... flailed his arms in an effort to wave.  I think it counts.

What a face!

 I know, that shadow isn't ideal... but I just love this expression.

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