Thursday, February 11, 2010

Totally trippin'!

Lucas & I took a trip to Idaho this past week and a half.  We visited friends and family who live in Boise, Meridian and Nampa.
I stayed with Becca & Eugene (who rents a room from Becca) for nine days and they were both incredibly accommodating for Lucas & I.  Becca gave us her bed!

I only took stuff for Lucas that would fit in a suitcase, so we went without toys and carriers and the such.  Eugene gave us his laundry basket to plop Lucas into... which helped with not having to constantly keep an eye on him (or hold him).
We had a brunch and invited Chris, Beth & Gordon over.  It was fun to have a house full of good people and good food!
Lucas sat by himself for the first time while we were there... and obviously was very proud of himself!

We went to the Tibbs' for dinner and Marla was gracious enough to cook a wonderful meal.  She has been such a blessing to Matt & I with her kind words and sweet gifts and I felt incredibly blessed to spend an evening with her and the family.
All of us ladies in the kitchen!!
These are all the Tibbs' kids who were present that evening: Kevin, Whitney, Bethany, Janelle, Jonah, Lucas, Beth, Carly and Brad.
Lastly, Chris came over again for dinner and we enjoyed an evening of memories, catching up and dirty jokes (thanks to Becca)!  Spending all this time with Becca, Euge and Chris really made my heart nostalgic for our times together.  I can't wait to make the trip again.

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  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    OMG!!! I love this!! BUT I soooo did not tell a single dirty joke. What are you talking about?

    There are a few more pics you need to send me...specially of our night with don't have to blog or facebook them. But they're too funny not to have!

    Miss you tons!