Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Precious Grace

I am reposting this, because Matt felt it was prudent to keep it hidden from his current employer until he announced his leaving. The announcement has been made, therefore the post has been reposted.
It's all in God's timing... as they say. But those of you who have truly had to wait on God, you know how challenging this can be. We understand the challenge and have tried to remain faithful to the purpose God set in our souls. While making sacrifices, doing the non-traditional, and even appearing crazy, we stayed the course. And, it's paid off.

Yesterday Matt was offered a position at the Pioneer Theater in Salt Lake City as their resident sound designer! In addition, this position also gives Matt opportunities to teach at University of Utah, which fulfills his desire to both teach and design. It's the perfect job for him!
As many of you know, Matt has worked hard and endured five long years of Graduate School, unemployment and jobs that are less than desirable. In spite of being told numerous times to turn on his heels and find a new career, he kept at it.  We both understand that nothing great in life comes without sacrifice, and we were both willing to give it some grit!
We thank the Lord for this job and I thank the Lord for a husband who is tenacious, hard-working and has the heart of a lion. God's grace on Matt's career is just what he needs and I believe it'll be just the ticket for an awesome career!


  1. Beth, that's wonderful news! I'm sure your family is sorry to see you move again, but what an exciting adventure and amazing answer to prayer. I'm thrilled for you guys!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! YAY for you guys thats awesome! God's timing is always good, but that is always easier said after the fact :) May God bless your new location!

    PS. my mom has friends involved at this church...