Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Part Of The Family

Rashelle took Lucas and I to her parents' home in Coburg, and it was perfect. It was delightfully relaxing, peaceful and edifying. Rash's Mom, Janel, has been and continues to be the kindest woman, with a huge heart. Her father, Ernie, who works hard, has a great sense of humor.

In addition, Rash and I had some laughs. Janel runs a daycare and we took advantage of a few toys.

 The above scooter is called the Razor something something... and if you pedal really fast, then turn sharply, the scooter will slide sideways. Too much fun. In fact, Janel likes to play with it too, which was pretty much hilarious.

To top off the wonderfulness, we had an impromptu tea party. Janel had an opportunity to use her beautiful tea cups and we took it. Blueberry tea leaves, cookies and a few giggles.
Overall, it was a wonderful time for Lucas and I. I am incredibly thankful for Rashelle's folks. They reminded me how important it is to be a supportive and loving parent. The encouraged me as a mother and helped increase my self-esteem, which is always something that could use a boost.

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