Friday, August 13, 2010

Crown Burgers Equals Meat Heaven

It's Friday night, therefore it's a great night for burgers! We did a small amount of research and found a local place called Crown Burgers. Yum.

Crown Burgers was opened in 1978 by a Greek family, therefore not only do they serve amazing hamburgers, but they also provide delicious Greek salads, gyros and the such. Weird, but awesome.
[The burgers have pastrami on them. This photo looks a little gross, but if you could lick it, you would say differently.]

[Lucas' first fry, ever. He didn't like it, which made me very proud.]
[This is not Matt's first soda ever. Just thought I would clear that up.]

[Yay...we just ate a bunch of fat & grease!! Look how happy we are!]

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