Monday, August 30, 2010

Hires Big H

Saturday night was a good night for burgers (if you don't already know this... we like burgers...a lot) and it seemed appropriate that we continue to learn more about Salt Lake City by trying Hires Big H.
 Hires is a local drive-in burger joint that serves traditional drive-in food, such as burgers, shakes and frosty root beer (for those who wish to dine-in). It's a low-profile joint that offers run-of-the-mill service and amazingly delicious burgers. I had a bacon, Roquefort burger and the bacon was heavenly (thick and crunchy). In addition, the burger came with a garlic butter sauce/spread that I originally thought was mayo, but after a few bites found myself enjoying (in spite of the fact that my cholesterol went up by 30 points!).

Servers know to come and take your order after you turn your lights on. Crafty.
Hires Big H was opened by Don Hale in 1959. He specialized in meat and fresh produce and felt that everyone needed delicious food made with fresh ingredients. To this day the meat is cut, ground and cooked on site. Every ingredient is prepared as if it were an old-fashioned kitchen. Impressive.

Needless to say, I'm sure we'll go back (wink-wink)... and I'm still not sure what the big "H" means.

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