Thursday, September 09, 2010

I Keep My Promises

We have been living in our new apartment now and my last post went into how dirty the place was. I promised a few pics. Here are my favorites:
So, I don't know what this is... but the stain is gross. I am going to have to seek out the largest space rug a girl can find and cover our entire living area with it.

This is a door jam.... Needless to say, we insisted the owner come back and replace every door jam and turn them into closing doors.

This shower was the icing on the cake. I could scrape the dinge off the sides of the shower. I don't believe it had ever been cleaned, until....

Ta-dah! Clean. It only took one can of Scrubbing Bubbles (which admittedly, I've never purchased before this incident) and some serious carpal tunnel in my elbows. The bubbles did some amazing work... with some help of my handy rigid scrubber!


  1. Oh Beth. What a mess, but I'm impressed with your cleaning skills. I also love the shower curtain.

  2. Wow, amazing work on the shower! Such a cute shower curtain too. I'm sorry that you have such a mess on your hands. You will have some great before and after shots, though and I know you will make it a good place to live.
    Could you please email or text me your address? Thanks!

  3. I would love your address too.