Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Enough

I took matters into my own hands. Instead of taking Lucas to a stylist, and paying someone who doesn't care about him to administer his first hair-cut, I did it myself. I know. Seriously? What was I thinking? I was thinking cheap. And... honestly, I couldn't help it. The thought of someone else clipping his hair made me want to cry. I know. Pathetic and control issues much?

So here are the photos:
As you can see... he looks like a Lost Boy.
To say I was stressed out about all this, is an incredible understatement.
Clearly cartoons are WAY more interesting than a haircut.
Final pic. I might've been a good idea for us to get one of his hair combed...but that would seem too obvious, right?

  So, his hair is not perfect. But, it's not bad either. I promise to post a pic of him up close... with his hair combed. I think with some practice and relaxation techniques, I might be able to keep up on keepin' Lucas lookin' like a gentleman (at least until he decides he wants to look like Justin Bieber...then he's on his own with that one!).


  1. I think it looks good, but I'll still need a close up inspection when you come visit ;)

    I'm cheap too. I've trimmed Liam's hair twice, and both times have been me cutting it myself. He doesn't seem to mind, and neither does my pocket book.

  2. Go Beth! What a great mommy you are! Michael makes me cut his hair, but it's an easy shave with the clippers. I am rather nervous for when Katie's hair will need a trim.... I'll have to call you for moral support! :)

  3. It looks like you and me are in the same boat when it comes to our babies' hair! Many people have referred to Wyatt's former hair us "Justin Beiber hair." Which is one of the reasons I had to cut it! Keep it up! I have always cut both boys' hair and in the long run, you are saving a LOT of money!!! Good job, mom! He looks, as always, simply adorable!

  4. Grandma will be so pleased! Nice job!