Thursday, December 09, 2010

Can Hardly Contain the Joy

Last night we're sitting on the couch after Lucas goes to bed. I'm watching Eureka with Rashelle (who is actually watching it at her house, but we're chatting online) and Matt is grading projects from his Sound 2 class.
It's a lazy evening and we're chit-chatting over coffee with egg-nog. Yum, right?

And after Matt finishes his grading, he gets up to refill his coffee (because who doesn't refill their coffee at 9:00pm?) and grabs the boxes of curtain rods I recently purchased. What!? Could this really be happening? It is happening! Matt is going to put the rods up!

Ohmygosh! My excitement was overflowing. So I unpack the curtains... iron them up (so tedious...) and help with finished touches.

Here is what we've been looking at for the past four months:
Bare window... but still has blinds, which is a blessing.

 This is our new window:
Not super fancy, but gets the job done. And... adds some color!

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