Monday, February 28, 2011

Never Happier

Saturday's tend to be a quiet day of rest and relaxation in our home. Matt is typically coming off a busy week and I'm desperate to share a day with him. So we often have a big breakfast, talk about our week over mid-morning coffee and an afternoon movie, while Lucas sleeps.

In between all this adult time, we're distracted by Lucas. He is never happier than when Matt is home. His personality comes alive and he shares extreme joy with us on these days. His smile is wider and his goofiness is never-ending.

I snapped a few pics of our little guy:


  1. Oh my word, there is nothing sweeter than those smiles! You can tell he loves his daddy. :) Great pics, Beth.

  2. How cute! It's obvious those two have a special bond- I love that Matt truly enjoys being a dad. Kirk and Trip like to have silly times like that too and it warms my heart!

  3. My favorite time of the day is when Brent comes home and Liam runs to his daddy. Liam wiggles all over while Brent picks him up. He's just so happy to see his daddy. <3

    The bond between father and son is so special. <3