Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brisk Morning Clarity

Getting up early to greet the sun before it has a chance to peek over the mountains is a rarety in our home. But this morning it was I who was up. A wet baby with whimpers and cries stirs me from the warmth of the Hubs. After a diaper change and snuggles and kisses I find myself alert and awake. But still... I lie in bed for another hour. It's still dark, but I decide the day has started.

There is nothing really quite like being up while the World still sleeps or shuffles in their slippers around the kitchen. I'm awake and walking through the brisk morning dew. Headed to coffee with myself and a good book. With my thoughts and the prayers that soaked my heart during that last hour in bed. The thoughts seem to race and fill every crevice of my mind. 

I should do this more often... like, every morning. If I awoke earlier would I be able to enjoy the serenity of quiet? Would I embrace my ability to acknowledge gifts and joy without the distraction of cooking, cleaning, preparing and teaching? It's amazing what a little perspective and a clean slate can do for the heart.

Mornings are the perfect slate for the searching heart. 

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