Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hooray For Homemade

Today... I tried my hand at a little homemade interior decoration. And I'll be honest... I'm pleased.
 After a little planning and forethought, I put together a little something that coordinated with the colors in our home. I picked a photo and bam! there it is. I'm fairly pleased. It's fun to create something from scratch.

Here's the cool thing... these frames were bought months ago at Ross for five bucks each. And the paper and doo-dads were on hand... so this little project probably cost me a little over ten or eleven bucks. And it's hand-made! 

It's no Etsy find... but a good start, for sure.


  1. LOVE it!! It's really cute!

  2. It's beautiful! Homemade art is the best.

    I especially love the picture. Just natural and happy :)