Monday, September 19, 2011

Resigned Creativity

This is me and my face. My face is resigned and non-verbally saying: "Not cool, dude. Not cool at all."

When lame things happen in our house they typically take place literally 10 minutes before bedtime. I'm not sure why... but it's the truth. And tonight... while doing dishes my creative and inspired son decided to do a little decorating.

Not just any decorating... decorating with a permanent marker... on our TV! "NOOOOO... NOT THE TV!" I could hear myself shouting before he threw the evidence across the room and burst into tears. Yes, he knew he was being naught and, yes... I yelled at my child. So judge me. *

So yea. Somehow Lucas got his sticky, chubby little grubs on a thick, black Sharpie marker. And by somehow I mean, I forgetfully left it sitting on the edge of the desk after drawing mustaches on the all animals in the zoo pamphlet. Yes... I always use my time wisely and yes, today was just one of those days. Again... go ahead and judge me.

Anywho... here's what I walked in on. Feast your eyes on this!

Oh yea... and the first things that came to mind were:
1) Matt's gonna be so mad at me
2) How in the World am I gonna get that off!? Ugh.

And then there's the child. It's in his ear canal, his nostrils and on his tongue I don't imagine Sharpie tastes all that great. Oh the creativity!
After some scrubbing and a few chipped nails, here's what were workin' with now. Just a little residual on the console and even though it's hard to see... there is some on tv plastic too. I can't figure out how to remove it. Ideas?

* I am not proud of the fact that I raised my voice at my child and wish I had better self-control. That being said, I will not omit very honest facts regarding child-rearing... raising of the voice happens.


  1. Wow nice work getting that marker off Beth!
    I don't blame you one bit for raising your voice at Lucas...when you see your kid destroying something that one certain days is the only thing that helps get you through the day it can be really upsetting!
    You're a good mom!
    Jesse mentioned that any marker thats left on the tv can be taken off by using a dry erase marker on the spot and wiping it off. Also you can use Expo spray and it should come off too.

  2. Noooooooo... I can't believe how much of the marker you got off! Impressive.

  3. I've taken permanent marker off a dry erase bored before with nail polish remover. For the console, maybe try a magic eraser or baby wipe. I'm always surprised what both of those can remove.

    I know the day will come when Liam will do the same thing. And... I will likely have the same reaction.

    Sometimes children need a little fear put into them. It's one thing when it's an accident and they don't know any better, but even Liam knows coloring is only for paper. In fact, he was scolded yesterday for coloring (with crayons, thankfully) on his table, the couch, and my pants. Baby wipes got it all out.

  4. Please. If a mother walked in to see that and didn't yell, she may be a robot. I'm so impressed at how much you got off! And even though my kids are young, I can already tell you that a)you'll be glad you took pictures and b)it will make a great story for years to come. ;)