Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Simple And Sweet

This past weekend was a full one... but Sunday we made sure to spend a little time hangin' out. Our favorite thing is to hang out front... because I can chill with a cup of coffee and Lucas can explore to his heart's content. Win.
 Much time is spent moving these planters. They were supposed to be beautiful flowing flowers... but I cannot make anything grow for the life of me! Anywho... they're happy sprouts that seem to intrigue Lucas for extended amounts of time. Another win.
As you can see above... Matt's a bit sunburned. He was in a car accident on Friday and ended up waiting out in the sun for a few hours. Talk about salt in the wound... like it's not bad enough having a serious fender bender, but then to acquire a fancy sunburn. Bummer.

Thankfully... everyone is okay. Both vehicles had to be towed... but Matt and the other fella walked away unscathed. Oh! And Matt was driving a work truck... so we still have our fully-functioning hooptie. And a fully-functioning Matt. Phew.
Sweeping is pretty high on Lucas' favorite list. If the broom is in hand... we have to keep a healthy distance. As you can see... the broom handle is perfectly positioned to knock out teeth or poke an eye out... and I frankly, will have none of that. When Lucas is "sweeping" I often feel like a broken record player... "Lucas, please keep the broom on the ground." Over and over again. Sigh....

Matt is fully immersed in work now. We won't see him for the next two weeks and sadly... he's already running on fumes. This weekend was a treat. We spend a lot of time together and with friends we adore, which is a great way to recharge right before a couple intense weeks of work and responsibility. I am learning to appreciate the greatness of small things and this weekend was a healthy way to acknowledge the beauty of the simple and sweet.

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  1. I'm glad Matt wasn't seriously injured, and that your hooptie is still in tact.

    I hope Matt can get some vacation time this fall or winter. It sounds greatly needed, for both his sanity and yours.