Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Is Our Plan!

Well... here we are... two days and counting. Two days for what, you say? Two days till we move out of our apartment and into our friends' basement.


Yes.. you heard me right. Matt and I are moving into the home of our friends and living in their basement. Classy... I know. But hear me out.

For years we've lived with financial debt. The kind of debt you always have if you go to college and then grad school and then have a baby. The type of debt you tell yourself your college career will pay off and "it won't be long now" until things are above the board. The kind of debt that is looming... always.

In full honesty... we don't live in the type of world where going to college guarantees a debt-free, financially easy life. Our nation is drowning in debt... drowning in choices that are poor and selfish and instant-gratification. Matt and I are weary and have decided that we can no longer live this way. We can't "rob Peter to pay Paul" anymore. It's not fair to each other, our family and our future generation. 

So... our amazing friends came to us and proposed that we come up with a plan together. This plan is non-traditional, not super attractive, nor is it socially acceptable. To pack up your family and live with friends? Who does that!? It can be embarrassing to tell people that you live in the basement of your friends' house... but it's more embarrassing to live with debt that is slowly crowding out the beauty and freedom in your life.

In light of Matt and I's challenge to eliminate financial debt from our lives, we encourage you to do the same. Do something daring! Something exciting that will not only free you from this bondage, but also teach you the value of sacrifice and community.

"A man in debt is so far a slave."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I think this is extremely brave! If Jesse and I had this same opportunity we'd take it in a heartbeat!
    Some adjustments will have to be made but in the long run this is such a wonderful choice for you all.

  2. I agree with Elisabeth! It is brave. I bet there will be some aspects that are harder than others, but the reward will be great. I'm really inspired!

  3. It will be fun and challenging. If we had a basement, we'd happily let others move in with us. Living in a "community" manner is a great way to form strong bonds and to help each other with financial burdens. Lord knows I'm fearful of our financial future. When my unemployment runs out, I'm not sure how we'll carry the mortgage. We may very well have to sell and live with family.

    Home is where you make it.

    If you lived closer we'd happily let you live with us. The boys could share a room :) (Meaning Liam and Lucas. Not Matt and Brent. LOL)

  4. What a great, wise choice! And how awesome to have the opportunity to make it.

    You have motivated me to close down a browser window that has some internet shopping open in it so that I use our resources more wisely and work toward our financial goals.

  5. Hooray for your debt-free goals! :) It'll be such a relief... and you couldn't have picked a better basement (or friends). :) We loved our visit there in the spring (except for that crazy last night when our little boy had an ear infection- that night you were over for dinner, actually)! Sounds like you're settling in to your new home well. Congrats! Blessings, Michele