Friday, October 07, 2011

Move, Hibernate, Dwell, and Come Up For Air

A few days have passed and I've yet to post anything of sorts. It seems even a little fluff would be nice right now... but I seem to be barren with thought or depth. After all the moving we've done this is a totally normal pattern for me... move, hibernate, dwell and come out for air. I think we're progressing into the dwell portion. No more hibernation. Yay!

With that in mind, the majority of this week was hibernation for me. I didn't shower all that much (my housemates are SO lucky!), unpacked a bunch of 'ish and pretty much only left the house twice... to go to Target. I'm sure that every time we move... Target makes bank on us. Darn them for being so awesome.

Oh! And I ate a lot of chocolate too. Because what's hibernation without chocolate, right? And... coffee. They go together.

To be honest, I think I've been spending too much time downstairs... but it's all part of the process. Familiarize myself with my surroundings... become one with the walls, carpet and low ceiling. We're gettin' there, that's for sure.

We've also busied ourselves with creating a home-like space, and though it's far from being what I consider tidy or clean... it has an element of cozy. I enjoy a good challenge when it comes to arranging a new space, but having stuff to put away isn't fun. I often wish I had huge chests to just dump stuff into, and then I would shut the lid and everything would appear to be tidy (oh man...this could be a huge metaphor for my personal life). But... like I've been told... you gotta deal with the stuff and then everything feels right. Yea...

 This week has provided cold weather and snow (which is ridiculous, considering last week was in the 90's), so I find myself lighting a candle and reading a lot of the time (and eating chocolate...of course). Here's the book I'm reading...have you read it?... I highly recommend it... especially if you're a brainwashed Christian or religious nut like me (I say this only half jokingly). I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. It's a truly beneficial read if you're genuinely interested in loving others.

So clearly... I could have written this week, because this post is getting long and personally, I don't like reading long posts. Short and sweet, people. Get to the point. This post has no point... just a few cute pics and my wandering thoughts. And... I'll leave it at that. Catch ya later... I gotta get back to dwelling.

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