Saturday, November 26, 2011

Are We There Yet?

If only I could get into my kid's head and rewire the way he deals with his bodily functions. It seems impossible right now and I find myself feeling like he's never going to get it...

But... we still sit on the potty. A lot. And... we go through lots of underpants. And...we don't leave the house. And... we get treats if potty happen on the toilet (which feels like an accidental miracle at times). And... we take Lucas to the potty with us. And... I'm beginning to wonder if he's gonna be four years old before everything clicks. Maybe it's too early? I dunno. He's two and a half... people judge me when he poops in a diaper now.


I know we'll get there. We just gotta keep at it.


  1. Oh Beth, pottytraining IS. THE. WORST. Seriously, it is my least favorite part of parenting that I have experienced so far. I think you just have to keep your head down and make it through. Violet is not 100% yet but we are getting there, and with both her and Grace there was a looooong time where I just felt like they would never get it. But they did!

    I will venture to mention that with Grace I thought maybe I was pushing it too much, and I took a break and went back to diapers for about a month. When we restarted, she was much more receptive and it was a lot easier. I'm not saying YOU should put it on hold, of course, but it might be something to consider if you're getting a lot of resistance and you suspect he isn't there yet.

  2. Be patient! It will click randomly one day and you won't look back! I promise. In the meantime, try to be cool. I sang songs, read books, made her talk on the phone, all while sitting on the bathroom floor for what seemed like hours at a time trying to get Boo to do something...anything...into the toilet.

    I also remember other parents telling me that they took time off when it became too frustrating for both parent and child.

    Lucas will get it one day soon! Don't let those judgy eyes from other people get you down.

  3. I know Liam's 7 months younger then Lucas, but I haven't gotten Liam to use the potty once. He loves sitting and reading on it, but nothing comes out.

    You'll get there eventually.