Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is always a time of community, for us and most of the people we share it with. Through discussion and conversation, it came to light that most folks spend Thanksgiving with friends... at least those of us who do not live near family. We spend it with the people we consider our family away from home... and often those are the folks we're closest to.
Left to right: Jeremy, Haley, Douglass, Big Lucas, Josie, Eddie and Matt.
Left to right: Emily, Alidia, Cole, Levi, Cat and at the bottom... Aviana.
Yesterday was a day filled with laughter, food, fellowship and an overwhelming sense of good cheer and livelihood. Fifteen people filled Jeremy and Emily's kitchen and though it was tight, it was a physical indicator of how blessed we are to have one another. After the day was complete, I couldn't imagine spending it any other way.

Josie and Eddie... gave us the prom pose. Classic.
Matt was VERY excited for dinner...
Jeremy and Emily... many thanks for hosting such a great dinner!
A second... or maybe third helping of pie. They're all sugar drunk!

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  1. Looks like a great day! Glad you have a community of friends to celebrate with on holidays. It truly does make being away from family a little easier.