Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Haircut Confidence

In the beginning, cutting Little Man's hair was soooooper stressful for me. He would wiggle and I would hesitate, worried I might cut too much. Or worse yet, I might cut something like an ear. My hands were ginger and often a bit shaky.

But now... I'm finding myself much more as ease as I snip small, soft locks of hair away. I understand more about the shape of Lucas' hair and how it fits his head. It's almost... fun! Cutting Lucas' hair is something I was determined to "get good at" and I think we're getting there.
After... with a little style.


  1. awww he looks so sweet!!

  2. I'm learning too. I wish Liam would let me take the clippers to it, but he HATES them.

    Cutting Liam and Brent's hair is just a couple more ways we save money. I've also been growing mine out and cutting my own bangs, so that's helpful.