Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He Is Truly Incredible

Ahh, my precious little one. You are incredible...strong...intelligent and independent.

But now, in this moment...these days... your body is weak. You cry tears of defeat and I cry tears... of defeat.
What am I to do? How can I take this illness away... out of your body? Make you healthy and free of pain?

The mother's cry. Is it heard by God? I have hope that He sees my weakness, in spite of appearances. Does he cry this same prayer for us? I hold out and can only imagine the cry of a mother who is losing... I can't even say it. It's just too much.

"God, take these fears and this pain and my vulnerability. Make it a blessing. Make us stronger."

Tomorrow, this virus...this pain my child is experiencing will be less. He will laugh and run. And I... I will have immense thanks for a healthy, strong, intelligent and independent child. He truly is incredible. So is our boy.

We have much to be thankful for.


  1. I am thinking of you and praying that this illness passes through Lucas quickly. The helpless feeling of a mother when her child is sick is often so hard to bare. Be strong! Tomorrow will come better things.

  2. Oh, poor little man. And poor you. Hang in there...

  3. ^What is this silly Admin thing?

    I'm sorry Lucas is still sick. Praying for your family.