Monday, November 14, 2011

Nothing Like The Love of Family

It's nice to back... although I think our trip to Portland was one of the most enjoyable we've had yet, which made coming back to Salt Lake a bit emotional for me. With that in mind, I had me a handsome man waiting... so I would consider that a pretty awesome incentive to head home.

The weather here turned SUPER cold and there is even a little snow on the ground (sad). While we were in Portland, we couldn't have prayed for better weather! It was sunny and neutral temps nearly the entire time we were there. If only we could have brought some of that warmth back here to stave off the winter chill...

All in all, we're ready to go back and be with family again. I think having a kiddo really solidifies the need for family and when I leave, it reminds me just how much I miss that support and encouragement we get from them. It brings me immense joy to see Lucas' face light up when Papa comes into the room or the smirk on his face when Grandpa Dan plays Thomas. There really is nothing quite like the love of family.

I couldn't resist snapping pics of the Fall colors over by Portland State!
This was taken at a pull-off near Terwilliger and you can see the Ross Island Bridge on the left.

Lucas waking up from a nap with a cheese snack and cuddles from Grandma.
Aunt Julie tickling Lucas while we wait for our lunch up at O'Conners in Multnomah Village.

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