Monday, December 19, 2011

Poo Goes Down The Drain

WARNING: This post contains some descriptive notes that are a bit... crude.

The brunt of Lucas' potty training has been completed and for that I'm thankful. That being said, there are always little details that go unnoticed or unrecognized until we're in the thick of things. Things like:
  • Public Restrooms - I have a method!
  • Wiping - Degrading for all of us.
  • Pulling Underwear Down - Weird... but it's something parents do.
  • Peeing in the Shower - Socially unacceptable?
All of the above have been addressed...minus using the shower as a restroom.

Literally five minutes ago... Lucas... how do I say this?... took a poo in the shower. He calls out: Mommy! Mommy! Did! Did! Poop! Poop! YAY! Basically... he was so proud of himself for laying out a giant one and I can't say I don't blame him, but...

My child laid out a fresh one on the drain of the shower! Granted... I give him props for positioning it over the drain... because that makes complete sense, right? Poop goes down the drain. But... yuck. I gotta deal with this pooplog that is wet with shower water. Disgusting.

And then... do I chastise him for poo'ing in the shower? I say, "Good work dude!" Oh the joys of parenting...
This little guy happens to be sick today too... bummer.

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  1. As a parent who has potty trained 3 children I completely relate to this post. And I understand your feelings!