Thursday, December 01, 2011

Story Time

Every night, Lucas is read a book before bedtime... sometimes four. We gather books that have a good plot (for a toddler) and good characters. We attempt to find a book that highlights relaxation and sleep... not that it does much good, these days... but nevertheless, a parent can try, right.

All of that being said, it's been a delight to start reading books that focus on the Spirit of Christmas. As we read, Lucas points out Mary, Jesus, the star and the wise men (he just says: wise). We talk about the animals in the shed where Jesus was born and how Mary is Jesus' Mamma.

This may be our first Christmas where Lucas understands and grasps the tradition and story behind all of this. Isn't that what Christmas is? To remember the gift God gave us... the gift of his own son as the ultimate sacrifice for our human sin... and to share it with our own little ones. This is such a precious time for many reasons, and the age Lucas is at really sweetens the deal this year.

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