Monday, January 30, 2012


All blog thoughts have halted. I need to reformat my brain, thoughts, feelings... I don't know... something. It feels like I'm in a blog rut and need to freshen things up. In the meantime, here are some highlights.
  • Lucas and I are still swimming a few times a week, which has been delightful. He's a natural in the water and I'm constantly impressed/scared by his water confidence.
  • Matt is working hard for da' money and is now in his fourth week teaching a new semester at the University. In addition, he's designing a show for both the U. and Pioneer Theater.. so needless to say, the guy has a full plate... and could use some prayer. Just gonna throw that out there.
  • I just found out tonight... Lucas likes mushrooms. He asked for the mushrooms in my salad and ended up eating all of them. Isn't that kinda weird for a toddler?
  • I started helping out in the toddler area of our church, which is kinda fun. I always had anxiety when working with other people's kiddos, but I think that's worn off. We have some pretty rad kiddos in our church too, which helps.
  • When Matt is home, I've roped him into playing a board game with me called, Ticket To Ride. I love it and can't get enough. Poor guy. That being said, he beats me every time... and I keep comin' back for more.
  • Lucas' behavior is still that of a toddler, but he's on the upswing. Things go in two-week cycles and often worsen when Lucas is dealing with a growth spurt. His behavior tends to lag when he's growing. During the off weeks, he's a gem. We don't have the full-scale ohmygoshmychildisouttoruinmylife moments nearly as often... thank goodness.
  • Speaking of growing, I put Lucas on the scale today and he weighs 28 pounds. I nearly fell over... because that means he's gained 7 pounds since July! The child is a beast. I love that beast.
So... that's all I can think of these days. I'm still wasting my time reading fiction (and loving it), dieting (trying to get 15 pounds off), and have sorta gotten into the habit of hitting up the thrift store once a week. It's so fun! I rarely leave with more than two items and spending more than ten bucks, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's a habit I should keep in check. Hmm....

So there you have it. Due to my lack of inspiration, I've been doing a little blog surfing on the side and finding some good stuff. I just may have to share some of my finds.


  1. Rob loves Ticket to Ride! He mostly plays it on the computer with some old friends; he hasn't gotten me to play yet.

  2. I'm amazed he's 28 pounds. I guess Liam is just extra hefty. The last time I weighed him (about 3 months ago) and he was 32 lbs. We'll get an official weight at his 2 year appt next week.