Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Friends In Haiti

Along with a few other folks from Missio Dei Community, Levi and Jeremy left for Haiti today. They'll only be gone seven short days, but their presence will be missed in our home and our community.

While in Northern Haiti, the group will seek out  potential partnerships with Christian pastors in Terrier Rouge and solidify relationships within that community.

While in Haiti, the group will be assisting Much Ministries with their efforts to inspire and empower locals in Gonaives toward a healthy, thriving livelihood. Our friend Grace has only begun her life in Gonaives and will have a very special time welcoming the group to her new home.

If you think of us, please say a little prayer for Haiti and our friends from Missio Dei, Salt Lake City!

--------> If interested, our group will have a blog of their travels, experiences and joys while on this trip.

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  1. I'll keep your friends in my prayers.