Monday, March 26, 2012

Coffee Tasting

One of the highlights of my weekend was a coffee tasting with Becky at Vintage Mixer and Nobrow Coffee and Tea. I had the pleasure of an invitation from the hostess herself and I found myself thoroughly impressed with the presentation, content and social atmosphere. Becky outdid herself.

Nobrow is a locally owned and operated establishment in the downtown area of Salt Lake City. Both owners provided extensive and thorough discussion regarding coffee growing, roasting and brewing. In addition, we had a wonderful opportunity to taste three varieties of coffee and do our own comparing based on personal preference and mood.

Coffee is a huge part of our culture. It plays into every part of our lives; from economy all the way into the heart of our home life and routine. For some it's a staple... something necessary to the survival of a day. For others it's a ritual... therapeutic and holistic. Whatever coffee has been in my own life, it now has a new face and I find myself wanting to take an ethically responsible stance on my enjoyment of coffee.

Thank you to Nobrow and to Becky for providing a wonderful afternoon of delicious food, rich coffee and light social interaction.

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