Friday, March 02, 2012

My Child Is A Weirdo?

I've come to realize that my child is incredibly self-aware. No... I'm not bragging... I'm actually wondering if he's shaping up to be a weirdo. Here's why:

Lucas potty trained in four weeks. I kid you not... and you can read about it here. Boys don't potty train, at least that what everyone tells you. It sounds a lot like this the first two years of their life: "Oh yea... that's gonna be rough. Good luck with that." And then that mom who is giving you such great advice adds some type of personal horror story like: "Yea... my kid, he pooped on this and that and then he...." Need I go on?

After all was said and done, Lucas is potty trained. Like getting up in the night to use the big toilet, potty trained. Like... asking to use the bathroom in the grocery store, potty trained. And he's two and a half. Weird child.

Another reason my child may be weird: He asks to have his nose blown. I've yet to meet another child (I know they're out there) who hates snot on their face, but our kid has a smidge of snot on his face and he says: "Mom... blow! Peese." He will stop playing on the playground to blow his nose. The child will unroll an entire roll of toilet paper in an effort to blow the boogers out of his nose. Normal? Who knows?

Third (and biggest) reason my child freaks me out: Yesterday at the store, he tells me he needs to use the bathroom and then adds, "Frow up." I of course was like, "Yea, yea... we can use the potty in a few minutes." Because, like I've mentioned before... the kid LOVES going to the bathroom. But he doesn't look good... and I replay the above statement in my head to realize he's said, "throw up." Oh geeze... better find a bathroom, stat!

After asking an employee and finding the restroom, we go in and thankfully it's clean. Lucas finds a toilet he deems acceptable, walks up to it and tosses his cookies. Twice. I am freaking out on the inside, but playing it cool in an effort to keep him calm (which is ridiculous, because he's acting like he has it all under control)... because, seriously! Seriously! What two year old tells his mother he needs to throw up, and effectively throws up... in the toilet!? Most moms deal with carnage on the floor, bed, car, public areas...

Mind you, I'm not complaining. Just curious. Is my child a weirdo? And if so, he didn't get it from me... he got it from this guy. His dad. Obviously, the guy isn't stable. I'm just gonna throw that out there...

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  1. Um...yeah... You shouldn't think about anything but the fact that your child is brilliant! Wyatt does not wish to bother himself with the toilet, enjoys smearing his snot and then running away from me (although, he does ask for the occasional kleenex) and many other typical 2 year old behaviors. I realize now, that Henry's "quirks" made him an easier child. Take it, my friend. Take it and RUN! :)