Monday, April 02, 2012

If Only

After being in Portland for nearly a week, Lucas has managed to ruin only a few things. Within four hours of our arrival, he found markers in Brooklynn's room, leaving a trail of impressionism on her dresser, wall and closet doors. What a gem.

Lucas can't say no to a Febreze bottle...and my sister happens to have two in her room. Julie's room smells really fresh now.

The best was yesterday morning. As I brushed my teeth I realized it was a bit quiet... but what could he be doing in the two minutes of teeth brushing!? A lot, evidently. My Dad walked into the room and all I heard was: "Oh. My. Gosh." My heart sank.

Lucas had found a bottle of wood glue... and proceeded to pour it on my Mom's fancy rug and all over my Dad's wood floors. Defeat. The child is a puppy... with opinions and a will of his own.

My poor parents. They've had such an easy go of it with Brooklynn... precocious, laid-back, Brooklynn... and then Lucas arrives and tears the house apart. The child runs through the house pretending to be a monster, dinosaur or pirate... pouring wood glue all over the place.

Everyone knows dinosaurs don't play with wood glue... especially T-Rex and his tiny arms. If only Lucas realized this yesterday. If only.

1 comment:

  1. You should draw a picture of T-Rex trying to use wood glue ;)

    Thankfully, Liam hasn't become destructive... YET. I know it will happen eventually. For now I work hard to keep all temptations away from him.

    It's so hard when you're somewhere different. Kids take full advantage of their new surroundings.

    If only the whole world were child proof ;)