Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy Ourselves

Cardinal rule to prevent trouble right now: stay busy.

So, we busy ourselves with inexpensive activities, such as stickers, sidewalk chalk, collecting rocks, collecting sticks (watching ants is in there too...my life is thrill a minute, people) and artistic activities.

Being in a new environment has also brought new activities like watching the train, waving to college kids who walk to and fro and Legos! This kid is HUGE into the Duplo (we have the rest of our lives to lose/step on/buy the little Legos), and he's all about creating swords, towers, guns, weird cars and pretty much all things destructive. It's lovely.

It's really not that tough to entertain a toddler. What's tough is having enough activities to fill a day, in order to entertain your toddler. Otherwise you're in trouble!

Boredom=naughtiness/bad attitude/trouble/bad attitude/destruction

Trust me, it's that bad some days (ahem...today).

I caught a couple fun moments on camera, so eat your heart out grandparents! (we just love you!)

With enough easy, inexpensive activities, almost any day can be a good day!

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  1. I love that picture with the sidewalk chalk. Super cute! Great artwork, Mommy! We too find that with enough simple and inexpensive activities, comes a better attitude and thus a better day. And yes, anything made out of Duplos has to be destructive! Trip likes to have me make planes that can crash into each other, houses, monsters, and much more.