Monday, September 24, 2012


Little Boo Bear
Tomorrow Lucas and I head to Portland. The main purpose for our trip was to see our little Brooklynn turn... wait for it... five!!! My heart aches at the sound of this... five! Ack. How is it possible our little Boo Bear is a kid now!? No more baby... not even a hint. Sigh...

Of course we'll see friends and some family, which will be wonderful. It's always so nice to connect with our loved ones! In fact, I can hardly wait to hold and snuggle our newest little loved one... baby Isaac. My heart can barely wait.

And then there is a wedding, which will be divine. It's so nice to celebrate life with those who live far away, and I'm so very fortunate Mandy's wedding happened to fall just a week after our originally planned trip... an extension allows me to see her tie the knot! Hooray!

Baby Isaac... presh.
It will be a sweet time where memories are made and relationships are solidified. That being said, I find myself more and more in love with Salt Lake City, which makes traveling a bittersweet endeavor. Being away just as Fall is setting in, and leaving the relationships here for three weeks makes me realize how attached I am. I have loved ones here too!

The three weeks in Portland will create an eagerness to return and upon doing so, it'll be wonderful to share stories and memories with those who are waiting for our return. Until then...

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