Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being "Home"

A few things I love about being "home" with my family:
  • There is always cheese. And not just good ol' chedder... smoked gouda, brie... the good stuff. I have my sister to thank for that.
  • There is always wine. Thanks to my sis for that too!
  • My mom always turns the heater on the morning. Us Cates girls are total pansies when it comes to the cold and the hum of the heater brings back childhood warmth and memory that comforts and eases my senses.
  • Lucas and Brooklynn... playing... together. It's the first time they've been able to play together, without fighting. I love eavesdropping on their conversations and overhearing their imaginary scenarios. 
  • Coffee. And "bad" creamer... like the flavored stuff with a bunch of chemicals. It's like crack. Can't get enough of that stuff.
  • Taking naps. Which I love anywhere, but again... there is nothing quite like taking a nap at "home" that brings comfort and rest to a person's soul.
  • Cookies. My dad's cookies, to be specific. The man can whip out a batch in nothing flat, and their always creative, delicious and plentiful.
I'm noticing how much of this stuff is related to food... you'd think I have a problem.
  • Toys. My parents (and Brooklynn) have a ton of fun, noisy toys. Lucas doesn't sit down for even a second, because there is a bountiful amount of toys!
  • There is time to read... because the kiddo is playing, the house is quiet during the day and it's not my home to maintain... so I can sit down and enjoy a good book.
  • There is someone to hang out with Lucas while I shower...which is a treat, for real!
  • Someone else plans and makes dinner (although I like to take a night or two to help out!).
  • And... there is always someone to talk to. My parents... do you know them?...they love to talk! And when both of them are home (my Dad normally works from home), they're always up for a chat. I love it!
Anyway... most of us can't imagine living with our parents again, but when we come home to visit, there is a comfort. As I've settled in the past twenty-four hours, I've come to realize there are a few things that are constant in this home... a few things that I've grown to appreciate now that I'm an adult.

Things like cheese...

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  1. So glad you're home and enjoying time with family <3

    Even though my parents are a mere 45 minute drive away, it's still a treat to be "home." I especially love spending holidays there, because it brings back so many fond childhood memories.

    I too find joy in hearing their furnace come on, and spent many a mornings standing over the kitchen vent :)