Sunday, September 09, 2012

Washing Hands At A Whole New Level

 Staying busy isn't all that tough...if you're creative.

But... I'm not very creative, so this can be a HUGE challenge for us. Especially in the afternoons... boredom sets in and then we're dealing with some serious bad behavior!

But... I have moments where I surprise myself.

Lucas LOVES to wash his hands in the sink. Part of it is the water, the other part is the bubbles. The child will do all he can to convince me he NEEDS to wash his hands.

Knowing this, I decided it'd be fun to spray a bunch of cheap shaving cream (Barbasol) into the sink, give the kiddo a few paint brushes and tell him to get his hands "dirty".

As you can see... it was hit! And he played for at least thirty minutes...which is precious time for a mother with a toddler/preschooler child. Precious, quiet, happy time.
As Lucas lost interest, we used a washcloth to "wash" the sink and arms and hands off. This was a fun activity to teach cleaning and putting things back the way they belong.

I'm eager to try this in the shower too... before the water comes on. But I'm a little concerned about slippage... and falling down... so we'll have to feel that one out.

For now... I think I'll keep this activity going pretty often. It's so easy, painless to clean up and Lucas can do it all on his own!


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  1. That's such a GOOD idea Beth!!! Doing this!