Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grandparent Love

While In Oregon we spent a weekend with Dan and Lisa. As always, it's a time filled with good food, enriching conversation and good sleep! I don't know why, but Lucas sleeps like a rock at Grandpa Dan and Grandma Lisa's house!

 Dan bought Lucas his first T-Ball set, which is huge! It's such a special memory to have and Lucas was thrilled! These are the type of things that make family so meaningful... not the gifts, but the heart behind the gift. It's definitely one of Lucas' top favorite things to do... swing a bat!

Lots of time was spent outside... and thankfully the weather was divine! Dan was soooo patient with Lucas. He would graciously put Lucas' shoes back on, after being in the house only ten or fifteen minutes. Along with swinging a bat and playing T-Ball... Lucas blew bubbles with Thomas the Train! This was not only a bubble maker, but a train whistle... and just darling!

Our time with Grandpa and Grandma was precious... and I found myself wishing we could spend weekends in Salem more frequently. To see Lucas lavished in love and to feel supported in parenting was a heavy burden lifted off my chest... even if it was just a few days! I am a very fortunate daughter-in-law to feel so loved by my Father and Mother in law... and to have a little boy who is loved so well by his grandparents too.

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  1. Thank you, dear, for the pictures and wonderful memories! What a special time with you and Lucas!