Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching Up

We're nearly through January and it seems just yesterday we flew home from Portland after Christmas. My how time flies...

I always kick myself for not blogging more often... because as life swiftly passes, I find myself forgetting the things I want to remember. The things I want to share with you all!

  • Lucas is officially three and a half. Can you believe it!? The child has grown, developed and become a boy in just the past six months.
  • With that in mind, we're considering home-schooling Lucas for his preschool age. This I will dedicate to a larger blog post to come (so much to wrap my brain around).
  • Matt and I recently acquired a new car (new to us!). The Altima has been laid to rest and a 2005 Honda Accord will now be our primary vehicle. Thank the Lord for a dependable car!
  • The weather here in Salt Lake has been both good and bad. We've had a lot of snow, which is great! It's so fun to have an actual Winter. Unfortunately, we've had some pretty serious inversion going on in our air... time outside is limited. I worry about Lucas' lungs and our general health.
  • On the positive side, neither Lucas or I have been ill at all this Winter. Somehow, we've managed to avoid the flu virus and any other cold viruses that may have been passed around!
  • Matt is experiencing the easier portion of his year right now...which is a blessing. Not designing a musical allows him more freedom with his schedule and a lighter load. It's always a treat to have him at home more often.
  • I've been dedicating more intentional time toward reading lately. My reads include everything from cookbooks, parenting books and a good juicy novel. Normally I stick to one book at a time, but it's been a nice experience jumping from one book to another.
  • Matt and I are both cutting back on our coffee consumption. I've limited myself to one initial serving in the morning and no more throughout the day. Though I crave that second cup around 2:00p, I've found myself sleeping better and having general better health. Matt's going into tech soon, so we'll see how this new habit holds up for him.
  •  Lucas has developed a love of Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Grandpa Dan gave Lucas an awesome little car garage at Christmas and now Lucas is hooked! He and Matt spent some time online and it seems now the cool thing to acquire is a car wash. The boy can't stop talking about his cars!
  • Lucas also happens to love the Disney Fairies movies... I have nothing else to say about that.
  • On other news, it seems my lovely sister has found herself a wedding dress! I couldn't be more pleased! She's going to be a beautiful bride.
It seems life is plugging along as usual. Things are good right now and I've forced myself to stop and appreciate the ease at which life is moving along. We find ourselves in a good routine and though our days can feel monotonous, I have much to be thankful for. Our little family of three is a treasure and I remind myself of this often, so as to not lose track of what is important.

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  1. Home schooling! I think you would be amazing at that. Adventures... :)