Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anxiety and Drunk Packing

Anxious feelings are right under the surface these days. Officially, we'll be on our way to Winona Shakespeare Fest in exactly a month. This feels very sudden and I find myself feeling like I have to have everything packed and prepared now... like tonight.

I recognize how silly this sounds, but for a person like me moving across state lines doesn't mean dumping everything in your car and "going for it". It means, carefully organizing and cleaning and putting things away. Then packing.

To be honest, it's all about control. Or at least the allusion of control.

See friends, we are headed to Winona, Minnesota for the month of June. Then Portland for July... then back to Salt Lake beginning of August. After all this lovely driving, we'll put all our prepacked boxes into a moving van and head to Indiana.

So yea... coordinating, organizing and having some sense of stability is a little bit important here.

So, this afternoon Lucas and I will go to Home Depot to buy boxes and supplies, grab dinner and come home to pack a bunch of stuff. There really is a system... maybe I'll share with guys sometime soon. My secrets... there are no secrets.

But seriously, being in control of your environment is a start. And then being a freak about organization and packing efficiently is key.

And tonight, I'll just rid myself of some of this anxiety by drunk packing*! Don't judge, people. It's a flawless system.

*Drunk Packing: Getting drunk on wine while preparing for a move. Individual is less apt to dwell on meaningless details and refer to efficient throwing of items into boxes, thus packing quickly. For more efficient packing see "Night Before Packing".

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