Saturday, June 15, 2013

2013 GRSF Chocolate, Shakespeare & Champagne

Another year with Great River Shakespeare Festival means another beautiful party to attend. One of the great perks of being in theater communities, are the "opening" parties. There is always an opening night party, or a kick off party or something along those same lines.
2013 GRSF Chocolate, Shakespeare and Champagne

Chocolate, Shakespeare and Champagne was held at the Alexander Mansion in downtown Winona. The evening couldn't have been more ideal. Clear skies and cooler temperatures made everything more pleasant at the lovely bed and breakfast venue.

It's always a treat to be at a historical venue we drive by every day. This beautiful mansion has all the richness you would expect: dark wood, tapestry, antique furniture and lavish stairways. This mansion is slightly hidden and after having the opportunity to step inside, I feel as if I've seen yet another gem of Winona.

Great River Shakespeare Festival has numerous donors who have been very generous with their funding and time. This is a great opportunity to for everyone to come together to anticipate another good Shakespeare season here in Winona. It's a chance for everyone to get to know each other and hob nob a bit... which is not my game, in the slightest... but the air is full of positive anticipation and eagerness, which can only result in a pleasant evening out with a few very happy people.

Until next year...

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