Thursday, July 03, 2014

This Kid

This kid:
  • Will be five years old in two weeks! Sigh...
  • Loves superheroes
  • Eats yogurt like it's going out of style
  • Racing and general competition is everything. "Mom, I beat you!" is a statement that happens at least five times a day.
  • Desperately loves his family
  • Asks for candy on the regular
  • Plays with his Lego collection nonstop... prefers to build vehicles that have some type of warfare included.
  • Wants to be a "good boy" and shows deep concern when he is under the impression he's somehow failed. This grieves Matt and I, though we are glad he's intuitively listening to his heart.
  • Hide-and-seek... all the time
  • Loves Katy Perry, Mumford, Veggie Tales, and "rock and roll!!"
  • Calls Rascal Flatts "girl music"
  • Could play at the playground all day, if allowed.
  • Makes friends everywhere
  • Falls down, gets up, continues running. If bleeding profusely, he will deny it in an effort to continue play.
  • Blanket/couch forts are the preferred hide-out
  • Still collects rocks/sticks/random outdoor things and asks to bring them in
  • Helps with dishes, laundry and picking up
  • Loves having his picture taken
  • Surprises are the best form of entertainment... hiding, jumping out and yelling "surprise!"
  • Reading. Constantly. Lucas' love of written word is just joyous for Matt and I.
  • Upon seeing babies or a baby animal his reply is always: "Cuuuuuuute!"
Love this little critter!

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