Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello Huge!!

I had my 32 week appointment yesterday, and Julie went with me, which was fun! Julie will be assisting Matt and I in labor... so it only makes sense that she would go to a couple appointments. Everything is as it should be, which is great. I posted two pics of my hugeness... We've decided on a name... drum-roll please.... Lucas Matthew. Whatdya think? I know, we're taking a major risk in already revealing a name. My mother has taken the liberty of expressing her opinion regarding the name Lucas and continues to suggest other names. How sweet of her. Even still, Matt and I think it's a good fit. The name stems from Lucias and means "Bringer of Light." Of course, it's also a Biblical name, which is fitting for our family. Some other thoughts:
  • I've gained thirty pounds thus far (something I'm not particularly proud of)
  • In spite of the weight, I don't have stretch marks, varicose veins, swollen legs and feet or high blood pressure (yet).
  • Lucas is head-down with his tush mostly on my right side.
  • He's a rowdy kid already... constantly bumping, pushing and rolling over. Never a dull moment.
  • I am still feeling really well, although I'm super tired all the time. Doc told me to slow down with work and such. I figure I'll cut back my hours in June.
  • I am continually growing out of my clothing... some tops are too tight now and I'm afraid of looking like a hooker when I wear them. I don't want to buy new stuff with only 8 weeks left.
  • Matt and I constantly discuss how much life will change after the baby arrives. We're excited for the challenge and really looking forward to seeing our baby for the first time. I am beginning to daydream more and more about holding him, examining his little hands and feet. Of course, we're looking forward to the diapers, feedings and crying too. :)


  1. I LOVE the name Lucas! We did the early reveal on the name too. Don't worry--if anyone needs time to get used to the name, they'll have the rest of his little life. And soon, no one will be able to imagine him as anything else.

    You look a-frickin-dorable! I know you FEEL huge, but you look great.

  2. Bethany, you are so NOT huge! You look (like Jen said) adorable!! Definitely don't look like you've put on 30 pounds. And I love the name!!! We always do the "reveal" the moment we know what we're having. :)

  3. You're looking great, Beth!! I like the name Lucas! :) Oh man, I feel your "growing pains" like they were yesterday. Hang in there...he's so close to being here. :) We're praying for ya!

  4. You will find name affirmation here!! Great pick! So excited for you guys. Glad tho here you all are doing well and feeling good. Praying for you!

  5. I would like to give my "two cents" and say, 1. I think you look wonderful and you're not huge! 2. I think the name is awesome. I love it. It sounds powerful to me.
    But I do know the feeling of people thinking they should name your child. I got it with both of my children ans still do :( Its life I guess. But really all that matters is that you thought it out and its what you think will be good. He is YOUR little boy after all

  6. Beth, you're beautiful! I love the name and I can't wait to meet my little nephew! I'm so glad I get to see you for myself in a couple of days. :) I love you guys!