Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whoa Nelly!

It's been a bit since I've posted... seriously. So... here's the scoop (I'm going to rely on a bullet entry as it's easier when I'm catching up). Prego Update:
  • I'm going into my 38th week of pregnancy... meaning two weeks till my due date! Woo-hoo! I am really eager to have this baby.
  • Matt and I purchased an adorable crib on Craigslist for $50.00 bucks! What a deal. Matt polished up the wood, checked the safety and figured out all the hardware. What a man! Pic below:
  • We pretty much have all we need, which we're thankful to all the people who have given us hand-me-downs or bought us gifts. My favorite items right now are the blankets... so cuddly and soft!
  • I'm currently addicted to ice. Granted, I think being anemic has something to do with that... but in addition to my fabulous iron supplement, I'm chowing on the ice.
  • Matt and I have been graced with three baby showers! I've put a couple neat photos from each below:
Above: Kerry & Anna at our church shower. Above: Julie and IAbove: Grandma Lisa and Aunt Bethany at the Tibbs' shower.Above: Chris made Lucas a quilt!Above: My hugeness with Lindsay at Julie's shower.Matt Update:
  • Matt is still at Netflix, although it's been a challenge for him. Working at a call center can be difficult, especially since he has time limits on his calls and his job status relies on specifics such as that. No pressure, right?
  • Matt is still working on at least three film projects right now. Busy, busy.
  • In addition, he's working on two theatre projects too.
Overall updates:
  • Matt bought us a second car today! We have shared the pickup for nearly five years and now it's high time we purchased a car with four doors. Matt found us a used Altima for $1700 buckaroos! It's clean, doesn't smell like smoke, been owned by one person and has had all it's tune-ups. Again, we have much to be thankful for.
  • I am working half-time now, which has made all the difference. Coming home to take a nap is wonderful! I plan on working up until Lucas arrives, but the half-time status is a big relief.


  1. Yay for Matt on scoring the 2nd vehicle! I love you and miss you guys. I need to call and chat soon.

  2. YAY for all of your blessings! We're so excited for you as Lucas prepares to make his grand debut! Sending you our love!

  3. 1) You are SO not huge
    2) Yay! You're so close!
    3) I also chomped on the ice like you wouldn't believe - both pregnancies. I was anemic with both, too, and the iron pill didn't lessen my addiction to knawing down. Want to know the most awesomest thing? The hospital ice is to DIE for. It's the soft ice that is so easy to crunch and doesn't break your teeth! And they give it to you when you're in labor!!!

    Hang in there! So soon!!!