Saturday, July 11, 2009

Almost 41 weeks...

... and counting. I am forty weeks and as of Monday will be one week overdue on Lucas' assumed arrival. I know that there are concerns in the medical field for overdue babies, but I really don't want to be induced with pitocin. As of last Monday, this was the scoop:
  • 3 centimeters dilated
  • Lucas is fully descended (at least as far as he can go for now)... my OB could feel the entirety of the top of his head
  • I am having random contractions that are growing more painful, but not consistent
  • I haven't gain any weight (total weight gain thus far... 40 pounds)
  • If Lucas does not arrive before then, I will be induced July 17th
  • I have tried everything to encourage his arrival... suggestions are welcomed.
Here is a photo of my greatness....


  1. Where in the hoo-ha is the 40 pounds? You are all baby!!! I can't wait for your next update! He'll be here before you know it - in your arms (which is so much more comfortable, let me tell you). :)

  2. I'm with Steph...i can't believe how you manage to look, I'm just going to say it: sexy! That dress is stunning. I'm sure you are not feeling sexy, but you look fantastic. What is this adorable room you are in? Bedroom with crib and couch? Studio apartment? It's super cute. Hang in there...we'll continue to pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby!

  3. Beth, you're beautiful, and I love that dress. You three are in my thoughts and I'm eagerly awaiting THE phone call!