Monday, August 31, 2009


Our little Pudger is growing so much. He's six weeks and getting heftier by the day... which pleases me greatly. The smiles, coos and personality that is developing is incredible. It's nice to be leaving the "early weeks." Those were very challenging days for myself, but now that I can see more of Lucas' character and personality being developed, it brings a deeper sense of satisfaction. Here are a few traits our boy is beginning to exude:
  • He is the happiest baby and will just hang out to stare at the skylights or the ceiling fan. He's very pleasant to be around.
  • Lucas loves being smiled anyone. He will smile back, showing us his adorable dimples.
  • Lucas LOVES being held and LOVES to snuggle (which warms my heart). He especially likes being in Matt's arms. It's very touching when he snuggles his fuzzy little head under your chin and just relaxes into our embrace.
  • Our boy's legs are always kicking and moving... which can get very irritating during a diaper change. Otherwise, it's funny. Maybe he'll be a skilled soccer player, like his dad.
  • Our Little Man adores his binky (pacifier). It's like candy to him and he sucks on it with fierce passion.


  1. Sweet boy! I LOVE the dimples!!! I'm so glad things are going well for you and that Lucas is such a joy. He couldn't be cuter, that's for sure!

  2. Yay!! Lucas is growing wonderfully! Take it from a mom with a chunk monkey...continue to be happy with the little guy's extra weight. It means you've got milkshakes instead of milk. ;) (Paula told me that one. ;)) Hugs! :)