Tuesday, September 08, 2009

What a cutie!

I had to post this pic of Lucas today... he's SO cute! Those dimples just melt my heart every time. What a doll!!So, a few updates:
  • Our baby boy is seven weeks
  • Lucas is sleeping four to five hours a night now, which is awesome! Last week, he slept through the night (8 hours)... twice!
  • He is trying to roll himself over during sleepy time. He sleeps longer when he's on his side, which is amusing.
  • Lucas can see us from across the room, and it's adorable when he smiles at one of us from a distance.
  • Lucas has started sucking his thumb in addition to hanging on to his pacifier. This is awesome!
Matt & I are finding each week to be easier and smoother. As we gain a stronger sense of balance, we are beginning to realize that we can do this!! In addition, we are growing more and more attached to our baby boy. Our love for this child is deep and strong... a type of love neither of us have ever experienced to his arrival. This love deepens our love for one another and creates a strong sense of camaraderie and companionship as we learn to be parents.


  1. Beautiful post! Love that things are getting better and better. You're a pro now! New moms will now look to you for your stories, experience and wisdom!

  2. He is darling! I'm so glad you are starting to get in the groove of motherhood. It's such a nice realization to know "Hey - I got this!" I am sure you guys are fantastic parents, as we can all clearly tell in those adorable dimples Lucas keeps throwing around. :) Cutie!