Friday, August 07, 2009

Three week update

It seems silly, but I cannot believe it's been three weeks since our precious little angel was born. Oh he's adorable! He's smiling at us and recognizing our faces, which just warms our hearts. As you can see, Lucas is battling the infamous baby acne. Our poor boy has it all over his body, which inevitably annoys the crud out of me. It's SO hard not to pick at it (which totally sounds gross, I know!). In addition to his poor skin condition, he has a little bit of heat rash in his leg rolls and armpits. Ack! How do I battle this!? As of right now, I let him air out without a diaper and then I use baby powder. Hmmm, any other suggestions? Lucas takes a bottle now, which is awesome! I am still breastfeeding people, so don't judge me... but it's nice to pump and bottle feed him in public... rather than flash the world my giant milk boobs. This is a major source of anxiety for me, as you can imagine. So, now that he's taking a bottle, Matt feeds him and it's really good for all of us. A little father-son bonding time and a little break for Momma. Perfect. Lucas enjoys hanging out with Aunt Julie. I could not be more blessed to have my sister around as much as I do. When I'm showering, it's inevitable that Lucas will cry uncontrollably five minutes before I finish... and that's just about the time Julie comes in to save me... without a question. What a great sister! As you can see, Brooklynn likes Lucas too. She calls him "Luca" and makes crying noises or snoring noises depending on if he's sleeping or crying. Too bad she can't make pooping noises ... 'cause he does a lot of that too. Brooklynn has nothing but love for Lucas. She kisses him on the forehead quite frequently and even asks to hold him often. It's very endearing to know our babies love each other already.

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  1. Oh my goodness, tell me about the baby acne!!! Wyatt has it a little, too (so did Henry) and it takes all my will power not to pick, pick, pick!!! Especially those little white bumps....AAHHH! Don't worry! It doesn't last too long and you'll forget all about it. :) Henry also had bad heat rashes in all his rolly areas. Our doc just told me to keep it clean and then dry - it, too, will go away. :) Remember, our babes were born in the heat of the summer!

    Okay and also...WHAT A CUTIE-PIE!!!! I can't believe he is smiling at you already! Both my children had the "I'm just going to stare at you" syndrome. :)