Friday, October 16, 2009

Three Months

Lucas is officially a three month old today! It seems daily he is developing and learning more about this big World we live in. Here are a few updates:
  1. Lucas is rolling over (as you can see above). He currently rolls from belly to back.
  2. He is talking and laughing now, which is delightful. He laughs when we tickle his belly or fly him in the air. I can already see our Little Man is going to like goofing around quite a bit.
  3. Lucas appears to be moving into the teething stage... no teeth yet, but plenty of drool and chewing. Our Little Man will chew on just about anything. He chews on his toys, his blankie, his sleeve, my finger, my hair (yuck), his fingers,... I could go on.
  4. Lucas is very strong and is standing on his legs now. He will pull himself up when he's sitting on our laps and lock his knees. He always gets a strong look of accomplishment on his face.
I am truly amazed at how fast these days go by. Granted, I feel like my days roll from one to the other without alteration or difference... but they do go by quickly. Lucas learns something new every day and is growing in our little boy so fast. We know we are going to miss parts of this when he is grown, so we cherish these moments in our hearts and keep them close for safe keeping.

1 comment:

  1. Hooray! What a boy!

    I agree that it is amazing how slow and fast things are at the same time.

    Ellia starting with signs of teething at 3 months and had teeth at 4 months. Good luck on that front!

    We think of you often