Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sleepy Update

Efforts are being made to "train" my child to sleep through the night.  I have come to realize that a cutoff has to begin when it comes to night feeding and cuddling.  Mamma & Daddy need their sleep! 

As of right now, Lucas still wakes after four hours of being asleep.  But now, instead of rocking him back to sleep, I stand next to the bed and rub his back.  I'm hoping the lack of picking him up will be the first step to success and I can move on to letting him cry himself back to sleep without any acknowledgment whatsoever.  Eventually if he wakes, he'll just adjust himself and go back to sleep... without any emotional breakdowns.

Oh!  It's very difficult and I've appreciated the moral support received from friends regarding what to do.  It feels good to hear support and encouragement.  I often doubt my ability to mother well and hearing other mothers stories makes it so much easier (thanks Steph!).


  1. Oh...that can be so hard. You're doing the right thing though...soon you and your little one will be getting better sleep! You can do it mama!

  2. Deborah Gill11:04 PM

    That is tough. I remember those days. We were lucky and he has slept thru since he was 3 months. He loves to sleep at night but loves to stay up most of the day, which makes getting things done hard.. Maybe Lucas sleeps to much during the day and they say that can hinder him sleeping thru the night...

    I can say that every once in a while he will make a few noises and then goes back to sleep. The key was not to go in at the first sounds and I think that helped a lot.
    Hope it gets better..
    Call me if you need to..