Monday, July 12, 2010

I'll have this & that, with a side of stress...

Yes. I know. My title to this post is a bit dramatic... but no matter how much I plan or anticipate what's to come, I still feel stressed. I tell myself, if you just make another list and do everything you can ahead of time, it'll be smooth. I wish it were so...

So here we are. Three weeks out from a major move to Salt Lake City and I'm attempting to throw together a birthday party. I suppose it's not too much to handle. It just feels like one more thing to plan and execute. To boot, it's Lucas' first birthday. I can't screw this one up... and trust me folks, I'm doing my best to keep it drama-emotion-negative-free, because that is par for the course here in the Cates house (pardon my honesty).

On the flip side, we've found a place to live in Salt Lake. Better yet... Matt's employer found us a place to live. The Pioneer Theater has an apartment they provide to guest designers and it's available to us through the month of August. Blessings! So we can avoid all the scams, up front payments and gambles we would have otherwise had to manage. Thank you God. Seriously...

And even better yet... we may have found a church. More to follow on that one...'cause I know you're dying to know...

Here's a pic of our adorable little dude (who will be one on Friday!): 


  1. Oh my goodness! First, I can't believe it's been a year! Way to go for getting through it! I know it's fun, but it's also a challenge...and you've done it! Second, you're moving too? Holy cow! We will be praying for you that the Lord will bless you with even more surprises than what he already has. :)

  2. Oh, man, I totally understand the pressure for birthdays! And on top of everything else you have going on, I'll bet you're wound up tight. Just remember--things that go wrong can almost always be laughed about and blogged about in a very accessible, self-depricating blog post at a later date. My one tip that worked well for me: I asked my bro to be the photographer during both first birthdays so I didn't worry about getting a good shot and just tried to focus on the party and the moment. I was really glad I did that. Good luck, Beth! So great about the temporary housing. I'm excited to hear more about your move.

  3. I lived in Salt Lake City for two years during college, so let me know if you want any advice on living there. It is awesome! There are so many amazing places to visit and keep you entertained year-round! Most of my Christian friends from there have moved away, but I know that there is still a strong community of believers.