Thursday, August 12, 2010

And... We're Here

It's funny how Matt & I forgot the difficulties of moving...until we moved again. A week of preparing, two days of driving, two days of settling in and now we're attempting to get our legs underneath us in Salt Lake City.
Our first day started at 5:00 am and we were out the door by 6:30. It was incredibly emotional and I am not ashamed to admit I cried until Hood River. Of course, we had to stop for coffee, which inevitably will always make me forget my woes and put a smile on my face. Matt was encouraging and my beloved friends kept the loving texts coming throughout the day. The end of the day included us staying with Becca in Idaho and having some relaxing time before heading out the next day for our final jont. Here are some neat (not so neat) photos of Eastern Oregon.
Our second day of driving was a bit more eventful... not counting the scenery. I was almost run off the road by an RV and a semi truck (not in that order). My trunk flew open. I dodged a shredded, but almost whole, tire and ended up catching a tarp underneath the car (ironically, just outside Salt Lake). The day was long, but Lucas slept more in the car. Finally, we arrived. Not soon enough. Here are a few more pics of our drive through Idaho and Utah (amazingly boring scenery...but still pretty).

[It may not be clear, but there were numerous fields of tiny, yellow flowers.]

[The Wasatch Mountains, outside of Ogden...which is outside of Salt Lake City]
[This is us driving into Salt Lake City...downtown is straight ahead, and Matt is leading the way in our truck]
Currently, we're staying in a temporary apartment provided by Pioneer Theater Company. It's quaint, and clean. We didn't have internet for nearly five days, which was difficult for me to handle (sorry to admit it). But, now that we're plugging back into cyber-world, I can actively find us a home. Here are a couple more pics of the view outside our window...and our happy little man.
[We can see downtown Salt Lake from our window]

[These are the Wasatch Mountains, and the Avenues neighborhood, which are also visible from our apartment window]


  1. I am so glad to see this post and see your new hometown. It looks beautiful. We are praying for you guys!
    LOVE you!!!!

  2. Oh Beth, I'm praying for you guys. Moving has always been difficult for me--and you did it with a toddler in tow! May He bless your temporary and future homes always!! :)