Thursday, August 19, 2010

Being Right

Apartment hunting is... sigh... laborious. But by the good grace of God, things always work themselves out. Not to sound trite... because I don't typically ask God for help with things I should be capable doing on my own... but I asked God for some big help with finding us an apartment.

It's exciting to me, finding a new home. A sort of adventure. That first evening in your new digs... fresh sheets, weird sounds and cuddling with my man in a new room. It's thrilling. But...first you have to find the home. That part is a challenge. I get caught up in the details and run myself in circles. I tell myself I'm going to find the perfect place, only to find there is no such thing. So... I threw my hands up (only three days into it...) and asked God for serious guidance.

After driving, walking, searching, internetting, papering and such... we had looked at what seemed like two hundred places. But, we had only walked through one. It was scrappy and the owner was doing routine maintenance like painting, carpet stretching, windows, bathrooms... I wasn't impressed. Yes, it had a cute fireplace and yes it had washer/dryer hookups... but overall it felt dingy. Matt & I talked about it and of course... I said, eh... I think we can do better. Matt says, I think it's great. Of. Course.

So fast-forward four days later. I've researched and continued my efforts. Home owners want to show their rentals at certain times and are a bit odd and always get my name wrong (how hard is B.E.T.H?)... but I'm patient. I call Matt and tell him I'm feeling run down and frustrated. He says, "Well, what are your priorities? What do we NEED in an apartment?" I think to myself, we need a washer and dryer.... and more I think about it...I realize we've only run across one apartment with a washer and dryer. Sigh... the scrappy place. I could hear Matt smiling on the other end. Dang him. Dang him for winning (yes, I know it's trivial... but that man is always right!).
Here's a pic of Matt being right.
The more I thought about it, the better it sounded. It has hookups. A freshly refurbished (but small) kitchen. It has two bedrooms. It has a cute fireplace. It has a front porch. The owner allows cats. It's not upstairs. It has parking. And... drum-roll please.... it is across the street from the most awesome park in the area! Liberty Park. It's perfect. And, I'm sold.

So there you have it. We'll be moving in on the 30th of August and I'm sure I'll try to turn it from scrappy to stunning with some scrubbing and cute home decor. Here's a feeble effort at pics from Google... we'll post more when it's officially ours.

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The apartment is on the left (the home is duplex style). I've also included some fun pics of Liberty Park!


  1. Yay, you found a place to live! Is the address that shows up on the Google picture the correct one? Let me know and I'll make you some labels!! Love, Tina

  2. Congrats on finding a place to live!!! That's exciting! And I'm sure you'll have no problem tidying it up and making it your home.
    By the way Lucas is just adorable!

  3. Wonderful! So glad you'll be able to settle in.

    Love from Mom and Dad Tibbs